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Dubgee is an underground emcee, producer and beat boxer from Vancouver, Canada. Over the past 20 years he has written and produced 5 albums under different monikers, inspired by real events such as the hockey riots, municipal politics and plenty of live concerts.

As early as he can remember, if there was an instrument in the house, Dub would try to play it. His mom put him in guitar and piano lessons early in life. He joined his school’s band and was soon playing clarinet, flute and saxophones. But it was when he could get access to the brand new synths and keyboards in the band room with built in sequencers that he found his love for making hip hop beats.

His most current release is the sample heavy "Truth" and was released in 2019. During Covid, Dubgee began to focus on live looping and transferring his songs from sample driven backing tracks to live performances. This give Dubgee a chance to flex his beatbox and keytar skills bringing his live show full circle back to his high school band days.


He is now back on the road, rocking crowds across Canada with his looper, beatbox and keytar. (Lasers coming soon!)



Front and Center
Rocking the Keytar
Rapping and Looping
Full Send
Weapon of Choice
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