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Welcome to Beast Van

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Welcome to Beast Vancouver! As the label undergoes some rebuilding and branding we thought it would be good to let the citizens of Beast Vancouver know where we are headed in 2023. First, a slight name change. Up until 2022 we were known as Beast Van Records. As of 2023 we have been informally doing business as simply Beast Vancouver. (Beast Van Records only really made sense to local hip hop heads, ya dig?) After having worked with a number of artists over the last few years, most notably Kool Keith the label is scaling down to focus on it's fearless leader and Mayor of Beast Vancouver, Dubgee and his alter ego Doug Tree. We will be posting here weekly to keep our citizens updated on live performances, new music and merchandise as it becomes available. Dubgee will also be hosting a monthly hang out session in our virtual store. (Click the link!) As we move into a virtual world with cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, Beast Vancouver's presence in the virtual space will feature metaverse events, digital collectibles and of course, great music. Stay tuned for the next post about Dubgee's first battle ever.

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