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Dubgee vs. Upperz Round 3

A couple of weeks ago, I jumped into the battle arena to see what kind of damage I could do in the ring. Here's round 3, the round I felt I did my best in. After the video you can peep the prerecorded version without any mistakes..... Round 3: I felt like this was Upperz weakest verse. His rhythms and rhyme schemes were even harder to follow this round and some of his lines didn't make sense to me. Especially his line about "In every battle there is a master and a mentor" - bro, those are the same things. He also had very little crowd reaction in the round and at the end of the verse you can tell he thought he did better than he actually did. I did miss a crucial line in this round. You can hear it in the soundcloud link below - "When you rap your lips flap and it sounds like your queefing out cum". Regardless of lines left out, this was by far my best verse and round and I felt I could have won the battle on this round alone. Dissing the crowd was a mistake as the line "or you could sit around and try to become the crowned queen of these bums" was actually meant for the other contestants but I couldn't pick them out of the crowd. Another shout out to CJ for the camera work. Let me know what you think in the comments - most importantly, should I battle again?

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